Monday, June 6, 2016

Jesus said "I am..." - Lesson 3 - The Door and the Good Shepherd

Lesson 3: The Door and the Good Shepherd

Introduction:  "Find the lost sheep" Game from
Print out the pictures of the sheep from the link above.  Cut them apart and hide them around the room before the class.  Then, have the students find the lost sheep.

Play a video that introduces John 10:1-21, like the following one from The Global Gospel.

Discussion:  Have the students name the four characters of the parable (the shepherd, the sheep, the thieves, and the hireling) and write them on four sections of a chalk or white board.  Help them figure out what each character represents.  Read the passage of John 10:1-21 and have the students name the characteristics of each character from the passage.  Mention how the characteristics fit with the person each character represents.

Snack and Craft:  Talk about how Jesus is both the Good Shepherd and the Door.  The shepherd would sleep at the doorway and be the door that keeps the sheep in and danger out.  Make a sheep pen with foam board and pipe cleaners like the one at Catholic Icing.  Also, make the shepherd.  Instead of making the paper sheep, make marshmallow and pretzel sheep like these from  Then, use the shepherd the shepherd to be the gate of the sheep pen (and of course eat the sheep).

Craft for John 10 - Jesus is the good shepherd and the door with sheep pen and marshmallow sheep

Read them the parable of the Lost Sheep from a children's book or children's story Bible.  Here are some examples:

Activity:  "My sheep know My voice" game
Blindfold a child.  Choose two or three other children to give the child directions to the blindfolded child.  One child is chosen to give the correct directions and the other children should try to lead the blindfolded child astray.  The blindfolded child is told to only listen to the voice of the one child and ignore the other voices.  Then, switch which child is blindfolded and which give the directions.  

Craft:  "I am the Door" craft from Bible Today 4 Kids.  
Print out the sheet of the craft for each child and have the children cut open the door on the dotted red line and glue everything but the door to another piece of paper.  Then, they can open the door and write "Jesus said 'I am the Door' John 10:9".  

If you have extra time, the kids love to take turns hiding and finding the sheep from the introduction.

How have you taught this lesson?   What activities, crafts, snacks, and songs did you use?  Share your experiences in the comments below.

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