Monday, September 3, 2012

Add Interest to Sunday School Crafts

It can be difficult coming up with ideas for Sunday School crafts.  Here are some general ideas I've found that could be adapted to many different stories.  I've collected these ideas from things my son brought home from Sunday School and preschool and things I've seen online.  If you think of something else we missed, please share for the benefit of anyone who reads this!  Enjoy!

Add Interest to Sunday School crafts (dimensions, texture, moving parts...) |

Make Movable Parts:
Have a part move through a slot

Allow a part taped to a straw which can slide on a string

Open the flaps

Have a part that pivots on a brad


Have parts which can come on and off with velcro

Texture you can glue on:
tissue paper


cotton balls

fake fur


foil (for metal)

colored paper (make a mosaic)

sand or salt

Other Texture:
Make a picture by poking holes in paper (use a coloring page and then turn it over to see the picture without the lines)

Visual Appeal:
Make pictures appear - draw with white crayon and then add water colors

Glue tissue paper onto wax paper (or use self-stick contact paper)
to make stained glass windows or luminaries

Draw with chalk on dark paper

Shadow paintings - Cut out a shape, place it on paper and then paint over top of it.  When you remove the cut out you have a shadow painting

Making Crafts Three Dimensional:
Make legs or stands by putting notches in paper

Wrap around a toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, or plastic cup

Bible Characters puppets by Making Friends

Finger puppets

Paper bag puppets

Ways to Create a Picture:
Crayon rubbings - Draw a picture on cardboard.  Trace it with a hot glue gun.  When the glue dries, put paper on top and rub over it with a crayon

Stamps - Scratch a picture onto Styrofoam to make a stamp. Use paint as the ink.

Or make stamps out of foam stickers and bottle caps

Make It Interactive:
Add parts by rolling a die, like the dress a doll game.

Scratch Off Games

Add Other Senses:
Scratch and Sniff Paint

Make a drum, tambourine, or other musical instrument
from Kix

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