Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorizing the Books of the Bible

Last summer, I set a goal for my 7-year-old son to memorize the books of the Bible.  My son memorized them, and here are the resources that I used to help him accomplish that goal.

The Books of the Bible song from Readeez

Books of the Bible cards from ministry-to-children.com

We used these cards to sort them, to put them in order and even to play the game "Spoons".

We played an active Bible book category game in our driveway, 
using the idea from Almost Unschoolers.

We organized books of the Bible using clothespins and hangers, 
using this idea from Sunday School Craft Corner.

You could also try using these products from Family Christian Stores:

The Books of the Bible Chart The Books of the Bible Chart
Reproducible worksheets on back

Books of the Bible Ruler Books of the Bible Ruler
Perfect for Bible study, this all-purpose ruler includes the Books of the Bible (Old and New Testament). Six straight edge on one side and scalloped edge on the other side for precise underlining. Also an ideal bookmark. Comes in assorted colors.

Bookmarks - Books of the Bible - Package of 25 Bookmarks - Books of the Bible - Package of 25
Packet of twenty-five bookmarks that list the books of the Bible and separates them by Old and New Testament. It also writes the names of the major and minor prophets through the Old and New Testament.

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