Friday, June 3, 2016

Jesus said "I am..." - Lesson 2 - The Light of the World

Lesson 2: The Light of the World

Introduction:  Set up an obstacle course and have the students go through it.  Then, turn out the lights and have the students try the obstacle course in the dark (Remember safety, having them take turns and tell them a word to say to turn on the light if they have a problem).  Ask them if the obstacle course was more difficult without light and why.

Have students read the following passages:

  • John 1:1-9
  • John 3:19-21
  • John 8:12
  • John 12:35-36
  • John 12:46

List what it means that Jesus is the light of the world:

  • Shows the way
  • Shows bad things and keeps people from doing bad things (like security lights)
  • Overcomes evil (sin)

Craft:  Lighthouse from

Lighthouse craft made out of plastic cups and LED tea light for Jesus is the Light of the World

  • red plastic cup
  • smaller clear plastic cup
  • battery operated tea light
  • white tape
  • black tape for windows and door, optional
  • plastic plate
  • glue
  • paint brush
  • sand
  • sea shells

  1. Tape white stripes on the red cup.
  2. Over newspaper, paint glue onto the plate and cover with sand.  Dump and shake off any extra sand.  Glue on some seashells.
  3. Place the cup on the plate.  Put the tea light on top.  Put the clear cup over the tea light.

Discussion:  Read Matthew 15:14-16.  Ask the kids how we can be a light like Jesus.

    Craft:  Light switch cover

    Decorate a light switch cover/plate with sharpie markers.  Have them write "You are the Light of the World" and decorate it however they want.  I would recommend spraying on a layer of clear acrylic paint to keep the marker from rubbing off.  They can take it home and their parents can replace their previous light switch plate with this one to remind them to be a light just like Jesus.

    Song:  This Little Light of Mine

    If you have extra time, the kids love taking more turns on the obstacle course.

    How have you taught your students that Jesus is the light of the world?  What activities, songs, and crafts have you used?

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