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Jesus Said "I am..." - Lesson 5 - The Way, The Truth, and The Life

Lesson 5: The Way, the Truth, and the Life

Introduction: Name all the things we have learned that Jesus is (the bread of life, the light of the world, the door, the good shepherd, the resurrection and the life)

Read John 14:1-6.  Ask the following questions:

  • What was Jesus describing? (heaven)
  • What was Thomas worried about?  (not knowing the way)
  • How did Jesus say they would find their way? (through Him)
  • Is there any other way? (no)

Activity:  Treasure Map
Create a treasure map for the students to find a hidden snack in your classroom.  Have them follow the map to the treasure (the snack).  In our Bible verse, what is the treasure? (heaven)  What is the map? (Jesus)

Worksheet:  "I am the Way" Maze from

Discussion: The Truth
  • Who is the truth? (Jesus)
  • Is there more than one truth? (no)
  • Does Jesus ever lie? (no)
  • Is Jesus ever not true to who He is? (no)
  • Our world likes to say that everyone's experience is their truth.  Everyone's experience is important, but only Jesus is the truth.
  • Can we trust anything besides Jesus?  Is anything else truth?  Can we trust our own feelings?  Read Jeremiah 17:9. (we can't trust anything else)

Craft: "I am the Way" Map Craft from the Come and See blog
Cut up an old map and have the students glue them onto construction paper and write John 14:6 on it.

Discussion:  The Life

  • How is Jesus "The Life"? (He lives forever and we can live forever too if we believe in Him)
  • What kind of life does He give us? (eternal, spiritual)
  • What stories have we talked about that go with Jesus being The Life? (Lazarus, Jesus' resurrection)
  • If Jesus is life, what does it mean to be separated from Him? (spiritual death)
  • How do we have eternal life too? (believe in Jesus - John 11:25)
  • When does eternal life begin? (the moment we believe - John 3:16)
  • What does it mean that we have eternal life when we are saved?  (We will live forever and never be separated from Jesus)
Game:  The Way, The Truth, and The Life Mixer
Give each child a sticker that says either "The Way", "The Truth", or "The Life".  Have them sit in chairs in a circle with one person in the center.  The person in the center says either "The Way", "The Truth", or "The Life" and the people with that sticker have to find a new seat.  Meanwhile, the person in the center tries to steal a seat.  The person left without a seat is the new person in the center who gets to choose a new group to switch seats.  After a while, you can have the students remove or cover their stickers so the person in the center doesn't know who is in which group.

Song:  Try a song for John 14:6.  Here are a few.

Possible Craft:  One Way Door Knob Hanger
I don't know where I found this printable door knob hanger, but I imagine that it would be easy to duplicate.  My son has had hanging on his door knob for more than six months and still likes it.

I hope you enjoyed another lesson about the times when Jesus said "I am the...".  Did you have any other ideas of activities, songs, crafts, of snacks that you could use to teach John 14:6?

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