Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Adult Bible Study on Proverbs

My Sunday School class recently studied the book of Proverbs using the outline and note sheet provided below. The chart is made to take notes or write verse references for the different topics.  We ended the unit with the quiz to see what Proverbs are from the Bible and which were not. I've listed the culture of the non-biblical proverbs on the answer sheet in case you were curious (I didn't expect my class to know the cultures).  

Click on the thumbnails or the links below them to get printable versions.

Proverbs outline and note sheet | scriptureand.blogspot.com

Proverbs: Biblical or Not Quiz | scriptureand.blogspot.com

Feel free to print and use these for Bible studies or Sunday School classes.  If you share them online, please include a link back to this page.  Thanks!

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