Monday, May 15, 2017

Twelve Disciples Review Game

The Twelve Disciples Game |

My Sunday School class was studying the disciples using the book Twelve Ordinary Men.  We were learning a lot about the disciples and how God picked common people to do His work.  Each week, we listed all of the disciples by memory.  We got pretty good at that by the end of the book.  As we got further into the book, we also tried to include important details about each disciple as well.

So by the end of the study, I created this game for a fun way to review all of the disciples.  Did I mention that this was an adult Sunday School class?  Why should the kids have all the fun?  This game could easily be used by adults or children.  It is best used as a review for what you have already learned about the disciples.

How To Play

1.  Print and cut out the game pieces.  For a sturdier game, use card stock.
2. Print and cut out pictures of the disciples.  Click on one of the pictures below to find some places to print out pictures.

3. Spread out the pictures/cards of the disciples on the table.
4. Place the description cards face down in a pile.
5. Going around the group have them draw a description card and place on top of or next to the correct disciple card.  There are sometimes more than one option (for example, "I am a fisherman" could be Peter, Andrew, James, or John), however, you shouldn't place identical cards on the same disciple.  In other words, there are four "I am a fisherman" cards, but one of each should be placed on Peter, Andrew, James, and John.
6. When all of the description cards have been placed, have the group double check their work.  Then, check the answers with the answer key provided with the printout.

Please feel free to use these resources for Bible studies, Sunday School class, family Bible education, or individual study.  If you share them online or on social media, please provide a link back to this page.

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