Friday, January 19, 2018

Old Testament Overview Review

When I was in college, I went to some Walk Thru The Bible seminars. They have this awesome program where you can go through the Old or New Testament in one day. It gives a really good overview of the Bible. It inspired me to teach my Sunday School an overview of the Bible, a few books a week. Like Walk Thru The Bible, we focused on keywords for each book and overall themes. 

At the end of the Old Testament, I wanted to review all of the themes of the books, so I made this worksheet that has you match verses with the books of the Bible. I left out 1 and 2 Chronicles because it is difficult to separate it from other books (especially 1 and 2 Kings) and there are two other unused books. 

This is a great way to process the keywords, topics, people, and themes from each book of the Bible. You can do it on your own, with your family, or use it in your Sunday School class or small group. It's great for reviewing after reading the Bible in a year. Better yet, try this before you read the Bible and then again after to see how much you've learned.

Of course, it is a challenge, especially if you haven't reviewed keywords or themes of the books of the Bible (OT39 is a great system if you want to learn the books of the Bible that way). Also, watching videos from The Bible Project will definitely help you get great overviews of entire books of the Bible. 

However, this activity can help you sort out what you do know about the Old Testament and help you learn more. Don't get discouraged if you don't know an answer yet. The importance isn't your final score, but interacting with the ideas and the learning along the way. The keywords for each of the books of the Bible in the final sheet may help and once you've done what you can without help you can try to use that to help. 


  1. I went to Walk Thru the Bible seminars/workshops when I was a young adult and they were the best way to learn about all the books of the Bible! We used some of the material with our kids when they were growing up.

  2. It was actually had been a requirement at the Bible college I attended, but they were excellent and I was thankful that we had to attend. I have also used some of the materials throughout the years as well.


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