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Five Senses Bible Lessons - Smell

Lesson 4: Smell
Story: Fiery Furnace
Theme: Be faithful.
Verse:  2 Corinthians 2:15 For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved  and among those who are perishing;

Can you guess the smell game
  • baby food jars (or Ziploc bags) 
  • cotton balls 
  • smell (extracts, essence oils, essential oils…)
Before the lesson, put familiar scents on several cotton balls using extracts or essence oils.  I used lemon, vanilla, orange, vinegar, cinnamon, and smoke.  For the smoke smell, light a candle, blow it out and then attach a cotton ball to the lid of the candle and put the lid on the jar for 30-60 minutes.  Seal the cotton balls in the baby food jars (You may want to do several cotton balls so that you have extra for the 5 senses craft in lesson 6). Number the jars and right down what each one is on an answer key. 
For the lesson, have the students number their papers.  Then, they should open the jars and smell them and guess what the smell is.  When they are all done, check to see how many they got right.
Tell the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Daniel 3
Play this fiery furnace board game. 
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Paper Craft by DLTK

Supplies: printout of furnace and parts, scissors, glue, crayons (or markers), red orange and yellow tissue paper (cut in small pieces), candle
Prepare the basic paper craft from this website.   Use the tissue paper option.  Before the lesson, light a candle, blow it out, attach the tissue paper to the lid of the candle and put the lid back on the jar for 30-60 minutes. Or put a lit candle in a microwave (or other enclosure) with the tissue paper.  Blow out the candle and close the microwave door (DO NOT TURN ON MICROWAVE). During the lesson, have the decorate the people and parts of the furnace and put it together and glue on tissue paper flames. Ask who is missing from the picture.
Play “Musical Furnace”
Put a pile of red, orange, and yellow cloths, rags, towels or fabric in the center of the room to be the furnace.  Play music and have the kids walk around the pile.  When it stops, they should jump in the “furnace.”  If you want, you can make it like musical chairs, having one less piece of fabric then kids.  Then, when they jump in the pile they should grab one of the cloths.
Discussion – When is it hard to be faithful to God?  What can we remember that will help us be faithful?  Did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego know that they would be saved?  Why didn't they bow down?  God was with them in the furnace.  Is God with you too when you are faithful to Him?

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Now, it's your turn.
What did you like about the lesson?  Would you add or change anything?  Did you think the story worked well with the theme of smell?  Would you have used a different story or memory verse?  Do you have an idea for a different class or activity?

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