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Five Senses Bible Lessons - Taste

Last year, I taught some Bible lessons with the theme of the Five Senses.  It was so much fun that I thought I'd share it.  I taught everything in two lessons that were two hours each because we were at a Bible conference, but I broke them down here into several lessons that could be taught in Sunday School.  Feel free to adapt them or use just the pieces that you like.  Today's post is just the first lesson.  More lessons are coming!

Lesson 1: Taste 
Story: Esau’s birthright
Theme: Hunger for God
Verse:  Matthew 5:6  "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

Introduction: Name the five senses.  Why do you think God gave them to us?  Today we're going to talk about taste, using a story about Jacob and Esau.

Tell Jacob and Esau's birth story – Genesis 25:19-28
Painting Craft - 
Supplies: cardstock, construction paper, craft paint, paintbrushes
Before the lesson, make two or more "person templates" by printing the person below on cardstock (make it about 4" x6").  Cut them out.  If you want to make shirt and pants templates, cut the hands and feet off of one and cut it through at the waist.  During the lesson, have the children fold their construction paper in half.  Then, have them trace the template onto one half.  They should fill in the person with paint.  Fold the paper in half again and press down on it so the paint transfers to the other side.  Allow the "twins" to dry.  
body outline for crafts

Tell the Birthright Story – Genesis 25:19-34
Discussion: What is your favorite food?  What would you pay for your favorite food?
Taste test – 
Supplies: food, paper, pencil, blindfolds (optional)
Before the lesson, prepare bite size portions of different foods.  For younger kids, it makes it easier to use different textures (bananas, apple, orange).  For older kids, make it more difficult by using similar textures (carrot, pepper, apple onion, pear). During the lesson, have the students number their paper for how many foods you have.  Then, blindfold the kids or have them close their eyes.  Have them eat each food and write down what they think it is.  See how many they got correct.  You might want to give the winner an edible prize.
Discuss the differences between Jacob and Esau – physically, personality, and what they liked.
Decorate the twins painting craft – 
Supplies: glue stick, shirt and pants template (optional), paper (or scrap fabric), hair (or cut up fuzzy object), crayons or markers, scissors
Have the kids write Jacob above one twin and Esau above the other.  Then have them decorate each to show what they looked like and what they liked to do.  Use the shirt and pants template to cut out paper or fabric for their clothing or have them cut out robes (with or without a pattern to trace, depending on age) to be more authentic.
Jacob and Esau craft with paint and texture |

Discussion:  What did Esau think was more valuable: the stew or the birthright?  What did Jacob think was more valuable?  Which do you think was more valuable?  Which would last longer?  Why do you think Esau traded his birthright for a bowl of stew that would only last a short time?  What are other things of the world (like the stew) that we can hunger for? How can you hunger for God’s blessing?

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I want your input.
Do you have any ideas about this lesson that you would like to share?  Would you have used a different story or a different Bible verse  (I had debated about Ps 34:8 "O taste and see that the LORD is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!"? Do you have any craft or activities that would go well with this lesson?

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