Five Senses Bible Lessons - Hearing

Lesson 5 - Hearing
Story: Saul Disobeys
Theme: Obey God completely.
Verse:  Luke 11:28 But He said, "On the contrary, blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it."

Today we will be talking about our sense of hearing.  Every time you hear the word "hear" during class put your hand to your ears.
Play the Identify Sounds Game:
Before the lesson, find familiar sounds and record them on a tape, mp3 player, or laptop.  Play the sounds for the kids and have them write down what they think they are.  Check to see if they have the correct answers.  The sounds I used were a baseball bat, bees swarming, camera, car driving, guitar, helicopter, ocean waves, door opening, popcorn popping, pouring cereal, vacuum, and zipper.  I found the sounds on the internet here
Tell the story of Saul disobeying – 1 Samuel 15
Play the game “Samuel Says” (like Simon Says).
Make a lying tongue craft:
Lying tongue and Honest lips craft from Proverbs 12:19

Supplies: 2 paper plates per child, scissors, red construction paper, crayons or markers
Before the lesson, cut a slit in each paper plate where the mouth would be.  Create tongues (just slightly smaller than the width of your slit) on the red paper with notches on the end to keep it from going through the slit. 
During the lesson, have the students draw a happy face on one plate and a mean/sad face on the other.  Then, have them write “Truthful lips endure forever – Proverbs 12:19” on one tongue and “A lying tongue is only for a moment – Proverbs 12:19” on the other.  They can insert the tongue through the slit.  They can also just leave the verse reference showing and let their parents pull the tongue all the way out to read the full verse.  Talk about how Saul lied to cover his disobedience.  Ask them if it helped.
Play “Caught in the Web”
Supplies: string, scissors (for easier clean up)
Have the students make a web by wrapping the string around things around the room.  Then, have a child try to walk through the web.  Have the rest of the kids hold onto a piece of string.  Count to five while the child tries to walk through and then the students gently pull the string up to catch the person in the web.  Talk about how Saul was caught getting disobeyed.  Ask them if it’s possible to not get caught.  Ask them who sees everything we do.
Play “whisper down the alley” using the Bible verse (Lk 11:28).
Discussion: Who should we obey?  When we don’t obey, what can happen?  What gave away that Saul had not obeyed?  Samuel says that Obedience is better than sacrifice.  Why?

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Print the full unit of lessons here.

What do you think?
Anything you would have done differently?  A different memory verse?  Do you know a game or a craft that would also work well?  Would you have used a different story altogether?  I'd love to hear your input?

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