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Five Senses Bible Lessons - Wrap Up (All Five Senses)

Lesson 6
Sense: All Five Senses
Story:  Jacob Steals the Blessing
Verse:  Colossians 3:9 Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices,

Review the differences between Jacob and Esau (include who was oldest)
Tell story about Jacob stealing the Blessing: Genesis 27:1-9
Make a set of five senses cards for each child (each set should have a picture of mouth/tongue, ear, eyes, nose, hands).  As you tell the story, have students hold up cards that match the senses that you are talking about (see – Jacob blind; smell – smells like Esau; taste – eat the stew; touch – feels like Esau; hear – doesn’t sound like Esau…)
Jacob and Esau worksheet – such as one from:

Was Jacob justified in using deceit to get the blessing?  Do you think Jacob would have received the blessing if he wouldn’t have taken matters into his own hands?  How did his deceit affect his relationship with his brother?
5 Senses Craft
Supplies: paper plate, glue, stapler, small fabric “blindfold”,  cotton balls, spice mix, crayons, marker, construction paper, something to imitate hair (I used a cut up fuzzy glove), plastic spoon, smoky cotton ball (see lesson on fiery furnace), fabric scraps
Have the students draw a face on the plate and then glue or staple it to the construction paper.  Staple on one side of the blindfold and discuss the story about Elisha.  Have them trace their hands on a piece of construction paper, cut them out and glue them onto the background.  Then have them rub a glue stick on the bowl of the spoon and dip it in the spice mix.  Glue the spoon onto one of the hands.  Talk about how Esau sold his birthright for stew.   Glue some hair onto the back of the other hand and talk about how Jacob pretended to be Esau.  Have them glue some cotton balls on the bottom corner and draw a head and legs on the sheep.  They should write “baa” on their paper to remind them how Samuel could tell that Saul was lying when he heard the sheep bleating.  Then, draw a furnace in the top corner and glue on the smoky cotton ball.  Talk about how Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego didn’t even smell like smoke after being in the fiery furnace.  This isn’t in the picture, but you can also glue a fabric scrap to one hand and talk about how the woman touched the edge of Jesus’ garment and was healed.

What are the 5 senses? Can we always trust our senses?  What can we trust?  How can our senses be bad for us? (tempt us, distract us from trusting God)  How can our senses be good for us? (cause us to praise God for His creation, teach us about Him)
5 Senses Bible Drill
Have a Bible drill with the verses listed below.  Have the student that finds the verse first read the verse and name which of the five senses it mentions.  Ask the students what each verse tells us about our senses.
Psalm 34:8
James 1:22
Genesis 3:3
1 Corinthians 12:17
Numbers 13:18
Psalm 119:103
Matthew 9:21
Joshua 6:5
Matthew 25:39
Luke 14:24
Leviticus 11:8
Luke 8:46

Here are links to all the lessons in the Five Senses Bible Lesson Unit:
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6 - Wrap-up (uses all senses)

What do you think?
Would you change anything?  Add anything?  Would you have used a different story that brings out all five senses?  Would you have used a different memory verse?  I'd love to hear your input!!

Did you try this lesson?
I'd love to hear how it went!  What worked?  What didn't work?  Would you change anything?

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