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Colossians 3:12 - Lesson 6 - Wrap Up

Lesson 6: Wrap-up for Col. 3:12
Story: Putting on the virtues
Bible Passage: Col. 3:12

Game:  Colossians 3:12 “Put it on” Game

Paper Dolls from Making Friends Clothes (printed out from the links below)
“Put on the virtues” die 
Glue stick  
Before the lesson, cut out the die and fold it and glue it together.  Also, print the paper dolls and clothes (one of each for each child).  During the lesson, give each child a paper doll and put the clothes in the middle of the table.  Then, have them take turns rolling the die and placing the clothes on the doll (do not glue them down yet).  If they roll “put 1 back,” they pick one piece of clothing to take off their doll.  The first one to have their doll fully clothed wins.  After, they are done let them color the clothes and glue them on their doll.
Click here for robe (compassion) and belt (patience) 
Click here for jacket (gentleness)  
Click here for shoes (kindness) 
Click here for crown (humility)

Game:  Colossians 3:12 Taboo (for older kids – or in a mixed group, just have the younger ones guess)

Compassion 3:12 Taboo Cards printout
Buzzer/Bell (optional)
Play Compassion 3:12 Taboo.  Print out the cards ahead of time.  You can try to play the way you would with regular Taboo.  However, with a smaller mixed group, it may be difficult to have teams and for some of the kids being the speaker may be too hard. The kids should try to get the other kids to say the word at the top of the card without using the other words on the card.  If you have enough kids, one can try to catch the speaker saying a word on the card. 

Read Colossians 3:8-14.  What did God tell us to take off?  Why did God have to tell us to take off certain things?  What did He tell us to put on?  Why did He have to tell us to put on these things?  What will help us with putting on these things?

Game: Dress Up Relay

Have a relay race where the kids have to run to a pile of clothes (they should be a good bit larger than the kids so they can put them on top of their clothes), put them on, take them off, and run back to the next person.  If you have five items for them to put on have them name the five virtues in Colossians 3:12 as they put them on.

Game: memory verse “Hot Potato” with Colossians 3:12
The students pass around a ball or object, each saying one word of the verse in order as they pass the ball.

Game: memory verse relay (for older children) with Colossians 3:12
The students take turn running to a white board (or paper) and writing one word of the verse until it’s complete.

Links to all the lessons:
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Lesson 3 - Humlity - the Life of Solomon 
Lesson 4 - Gentleness - Rehoboam and the Division of the Kingdom of Israel  
Lesson 5 - Patience - Elijah Prays and Waits for Rain  
Wrap Up Lesson - Review Games and Memory Verse Games  

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  1. I literally came onto my computer to see if I could find some "clothes" for our Colossians 3:12 memory verse this week for my kids to do as a little activity. This is SO perfect. I am, however, having a hard time getting the dice to load/print. Any ideas? Thank you much!!!!

    1. Never mind...figured it out! Thanks again! :-)

  2. Clicking on the link above should take you to my picture on Google Docs. Download and open it. My computer opens that file with the Windows Photo Viewer. You can print from there (probably in the 5x7 size). You could also insert the picture in a blank Word document and print it that way. I would recommend printing it on cardstock or some type of heavier paper. Please let me know if you have further problems!


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